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How to get the numbers from cells adjacent to the cells that have dates

I've had partial success via searching but I'm such an excel novice that I can't figure out the next step.

Each cell in column A contains a unique date (About 900 rows total)
Each cell to the right in column B is the price of a unique coin on that day but in bitcoin, not US dollars

Columns M and N have the date and price of bitcoin in US dollars for each historical day, for example M1 is 12/14/2018 and N1 shows the price for that day, $3212.21. Note for clarification- they don't correspond to the dates in column A, there's no chronological relation or anything like that, it's just two separate lists of dates.

In column C I need to show the corresponding price in US dollars for each date in column A

For clarification, the columns between C and M have other data, such as the particular cryptocurrency name, an order number, etc.
The goal is to retrieve the historical US dollar price for each date in column A out of column N and populate the C column with that price, for example to the right of A1 (Which has 12/14/2018 in it), you see B1 with the bitcoin price and in C1 it'd show that $3212.21 dollar amount

I found a formula that works but only for a cell with today's date and I tested it:
I changed the date in one of the cells to today's date and sure enough, it populated the cell with the price that was listed next to today.
I don't know if I need vlookup or something else entirely. Any help is appreciated, but I don't really know terminology so please be gentle with any insight you can provide, thanks!
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Change country within the app

I’m a UK resident with a UK bank account but I wondered if it was okay to change my country to United States so that I can see the price of bitcoin in US dollars.. is it okay to make this change or is there another way to change the currency without changing country? Would it cause any problems if I changed my country to the USA and made a deposit into my wallet?
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Hypothetical question

Right now, we refer to the price of Bitcoin in US dollars. If, in the maybe impossible case that the US dollar is no longer in existence, and considering how much of the global economy relies on the US economy (unfortunately), how would we demonstrate the value of a bitcoin? 1 BTC= 1BTC? Maybe in another, existing currency that would then become the standard?
NOTE: Please understand these questions are only to learn, and hopefully educate others as well. I am huge into this space, and trust no system more. Never intend to cast doubt, but always want to learn.
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It’s 2028 and 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 million US dollars. If a luxury home was worth 1 million US dollars back in 2019, what would you estimate that this same luxury home is worth in USD and in BTC now? Does hyperbitcoinization require hyperinflation of government currencies and real estate?

It’s 2028 and 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 million US dollars. If a luxury home was worth 1 million US dollars back in 2019, what would you estimate that this same luxury home is worth in USD and in BTC now? Does hyperbitcoinization require hyperinflation of government currencies and real estate? submitted by Sandiegosurf1 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

USD, Bitcoin, Gold or Silver valuation of community fund proposals

I would like to STRONGLY suggest to the developers to consider a way for submitted proposals on the community fund to be based either on the value of gold (in US dollar terms), value of silver (in US dollar terms), value of bitcoin (in US dollar terms) or US dollars. Why? Here's what I think is happening... When a proposal gets submitted asking for X amount of navcoins, the value of the work might or could be paid/transacted in currencies other than NAVCOIN. As a result, if a proposal is submitted where the value of goods acquired to fulfill the proposal is in USD, the project owner (the person executing the proposal) would be shortchanged when the value of navcoin drops. For example, if I propose ordering 10 t-shirts with the navcoin logo at a price of $100 USD , when the value of navcoin drops from $0.1 USD (time proposal was submitted) to $0.075USD then the project manager would only receive $75 worth of navcoin, instead of $100 ( the project owner was shortchanged by $25 USD in this example). Of course, the opposite would occur if the value of navcoin goes up from the time the proposal was submitted to the time the project owner receives payment (but in that case the project owner would still receive the amount of dollars asked for, not more dollars to account for an increase in the value of navcoin). In other words, the community fund would always adjust the amount of navcoins paid to match the proposal's requested value of the asset (gold, silver, btc or usd), in exchange for completing the proposal.
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Fiat pegged value is illusory: A gallon of milk now cost roughly twice what it did 10 years go in US dollars. A gallon of milk costs about 1/1000 what it did in bitcoins 5 years ago.

Fiat pegged value is illusory: A gallon of milk now cost roughly twice what it did 10 years go in US dollars. A gallon of milk costs about 1/1000 what it did in bitcoins 5 years ago.
Yet people say fiat like the us dollar is somehow more secure. They talk aboit bitcoin not being "pegged" to anything.. No paper currency is pegged to anything and since all governments are printing paper currency endlessly it is guaranteed to slip in value more than something like bitcoin which is firmly limited in number to apprx 21 million.
Fiat Currency is demonstrably LESS "pegged" as the numbers above show.
So many concepts that people throw around as criticisms of bitcoin they universally accept with their fiat without even a thought.
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The reason people do not want to use bitcoin in daily shopping is the fluctuation risk. Menapay's stable cryptocurrency #MenaCash is always equal to 1 US dollar in order to provide risk-free #transactions for #merchants and customers. #MenaPay #crypto4mena

The reason people do not want to use bitcoin in daily shopping is the fluctuation risk. Menapay's stable cryptocurrency #MenaCash is always equal to 1 US dollar in order to provide risk-free #transactions for #merchants and customers. #MenaPay #crypto4mena submitted by Vincent_Lionheart to MenaPay [link] [comments]

The End of Fractional Reserve Banking - Why $1 worth of bitcoin is worth more than $1 in US dollars, because holding bitcoin is holding title whereas a dollar is a promise, a promise that may not be kept

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Bitcoin a pump and dump scheme? "Researchers found that a single actor was “likely” behind several accounts that bought millions of dollars worth of bitcoin and drove the exchange rate in the US from $150 to $1,000 over the course of two months."

Bitcoin a pump and dump scheme? submitted by zenmasterzen3 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

Tether, a so-called "stablecoin" crypto-currency, and a primary player in pumping Bitcoin value, claimed to be backed 1:1 to US Dollars held in reserve. That is no longer true, and possibly never was.

Tether, a so-called submitted by Pilebsa to Freethought [link] [comments]

How long would it take to withdraw 1 million in bitcoin or any combined crypto into US dollars?

If someone wants out and they made a lot of money is it easy to get out or it takes a while? If there are withdraw limits what exchanges have the highest amount you can withdraw.
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02-18 04:04 - 'Btc is going to be worthless in the same way that a Canadian dollar is worthless in the US. Keep trading your fantasy coins while btc channels to the 100s. this is delusion land. Nothing more than people looking to get rich qui...' by /u/meatre12 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1-11min

Btc is going to be worthless in the same way that a Canadian dollar is worthless in the US. Keep trading your fantasy coins while btc channels to the 100s. this is delusion land. Nothing more than people looking to get rich quick under the guise of “groundbreaking technology”. Half the ppl in this sub couldn’t even begin to explain what it is exactly they have thrown their money at. Blockchain itself is groundbreaking these bullshit magic tokens are not. The corporations will exploit blockchain in their own ways the average person had their chance to get rich in 2017 and there may be more in the future but it will never surpsss it’s role of a bullshit pump and dump scheme. Put $1000 in btc in the off chance that it’s worth 10k someday and put your money into something real
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Author: meatre12
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Fiat pegged value is illusory: A gallon of milk now cost roughly twice what it did 10 years go in US dollars. A gallon of milk costs about 1/1000 what it did in bitcoins 5 years ago. /r/Bitcoin

Fiat pegged value is illusory: A gallon of milk now cost roughly twice what it did 10 years go in US dollars. A gallon of milk costs about 1/1000 what it did in bitcoins 5 years ago. /Bitcoin submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Now that we've hit 85% of all bitcoin that will ever be mined, it's time to ask some simple, hard questions. Why do we collectively allow bank backed exchanges to dictate the price of Bitcoin in their currency?

Think about what we're saying here with respect to the future of Finance (bitcoin). We are all here agreeing to accept the Value of Bitcoin in US dollars that's quoted through companies which are backed by Banks (AKA coinbase Etc). The same entities that produce these dollars that that value the of Bitcoin is expressed in which is direct competition to Bitcoin.
Questions we need to ask:
Why would banks back these exchanges?
In my opinion it comes down to two things.
1) the bitcoin genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back in
2) it's a last ditch effort by the fiat currency producers (banks) to control the price of bitcoin in their currency (USD) before bitcoin becomes the world's currency for the people.
How can we as a community break bitcoin free from the grips of these financial organization's control over the price in USD?
Fortuneately this has an extremely simple answer: Take physical possession of you own keys ASAP regardless of how little or how much bitcoin you have on these exchanges! These exchanges can and will maintain control of the USD price of bitcoin as long as they run the exchanges that hold the largest tradeable supply of bitcoin period.
Remember supply and demand determines the price of anything and bitcoin is the first truly finite asset. Furthermore with bitcoin we can now pry this asset out of these historically price controlling (manipulating) entities by simply moving our private keys to our own private keys.
Don't let the USD value of Bitcoin that are currently quoted by the bank backed exchanges tell you what the value is. Move your keys to your own addresses ASAP and together WE will tell them!
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Where can I buy Bitcoins in US dollars without US residency?

Any place I can buy BTC in US dollars? I am Tier 3 verified on Kraken but cannot buy Bitcoins in US dollars, only Canadian dollars. I sent a message to support and they are requesting the following documents below.
To fund you account with USD your account would need to meet these requirements:
Click here for information on the requirements for USD wire transfer funding.
If you would like to trade with USD you can trade funds for crypto and then sell that crypto for USD. You could then trade in all of the USD markets, such as XBTUSD.
Click here for information on amount and currency.
Let me know if you need any other assistance!
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Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Decision Holding Bitcoin Is Not Money & Federal Courts in New York Generally Hold That Bitcoin Is Money. Conclusion? 1 Bitcoin equals 11,491.90 US Dollar or more

Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Decision Holding Bitcoin Is Not Money & Federal Courts in New York Generally Hold That Bitcoin Is Money. Conclusion? 1 Bitcoin equals 11,491.90 US Dollar or more submitted by kuosju to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Decision Holding Bitcoin Is Not Money & Federal Courts in New York Generally Hold That Bitcoin Is Money. Conclusion? 1 Bitcoin equals 11,491.90 US Dollar or more

Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Decision Holding Bitcoin Is Not Money & Federal Courts in New York Generally Hold That Bitcoin Is Money. Conclusion? 1 Bitcoin equals 11,491.90 US Dollar or more submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How long would it take to withdraw 1 million in bitcoin or any combined crypto into US dollars? /r/Bitcoin

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As bitcoins climb in value over $200 I wonder if it would increase acceptance if we started mentioning satochis and their price in $us dollar. 1 bitcoin = $200=100,000,000 satochi s. therefore you can buy 390,625 satochi s for $1.

first sorry about the title spelling error (ugh, Its Satoshi not Satochi. damn reddit for no title editing ability!)
As bitcoins climb in value over $200 I wonder if it would increase acceptance if we started mentioning Satoshis and their price in $us dollar.
remember the Satoshi is the smallest named division of bitcoin and there are 100,000,000 ( one hundred million) Satoshis in every bitcoin.
So if 1 bitcoin = $200=100,000,000 Satoshi s. therefore you can buy 390,625 Satoshi s for $1.
As a newbie, I at first wondered - as many new people must- how they can participate when one bitcoin has risen so high in value.
Subconsciously, like gold, one thinks "I can't buy a bitcoin if I can't risk $200+ dollar for one"
It is NOT intuitive to the newbie that you can buy fractional bitcoins because for example it is hard to buy less than one ounce of gold.
therefore I propose we now start referencing the Satoshi as the "bitcoin Satoshi" and say for example "you can now buy 390,625 Bitcoin Satoshis for $1"
Don't just use the word Satoshis because people new to bitcoin will thing is it different than Bitcoin.
Alway use the words together a "Bitcoin Satoshi"
Participating seems less scary if people think they can buy a lot of Bitcoin Satoshis for a few bucks.
It's a huge psychological difference for participation and one that will get more and more import as the value of a single Bitcoin rises.
So lets see some "Bitcoin Satoshi" headlines and quote in Bitcoin from now on.
So for example you can be a "Bitcoin Satoshi millionaire" now for only $2.37! (as of this moment)
That will attract many more people to the bitcoin universe and make them feel more comfortable about participating.
Plus it's just fun to be able to be a millionaire in any spendable currency that's going UP in value!
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Crypto Flash - Cryptocurrency & ICO Tracker

Crypto Flash - Cryptocurrency & ICO Tracker
Crypto Flash is a universal point resource for real-time information, news and analysis on Flashcoin and as well as all the other Crypto Currencies and ICOs through Amazon Alexa. Crypto Flash supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. You can use Crypto Flash to get the real-time information including the current price, volume, market cap, all of them even in alternate fiat currencies like pound, rupees, euro, yen etc. and not just US dollars!
Say "Alexa, Open Crypto Flash" to get started.
Now try out, "what is the price of Bitcoin?", and Alexa will tell you the current price of Bitcoin in US Dollars. "what is the price of Flash in yen?", and Alexa will tell you the current price of Flash in Yen. "what is the market cap of Litecoin in euro?", and Alexa will tell you the market cap of Litecoin in Euro.
Not satisfied with just fiat currencies? Well, you can compare two different cryptocurrencies as well! Try saying, "what is the price of ethereum in ripple?", and Alexa will tell you the current price of Ethereum in Ripple. "what is the volume for bitcoin cash in monero?", and Alexa will tell you the volume of Bitcoin Cash in Monero.
Oh, and you can also calculate them in Satoshis! "what’s the price of neo in satoshis?", and Alexa will tell you the current price of Neo in Satoshis.
Apart from these features, Crypto Flash can give you other valuable exchange information like getting the current top-ranked cryptocurrencies, getting the symbol for any cryptocurrency as well as its rank, its total/available/max supply, the percent change in its value in last one hour, one day as well as one week and you can also check when was all this data for the coin last updated.
Try these, "what are the top five cryptocurrencies?", eg. top 3, top 10, top 20 etc. "what is the symbol for verge?", eg. cardano, ripple, stellar etc. "what is the current rank of siacoin?", eg. verge, ripple, stellar etc. "how much is the maximum supply for dash?", eg. total and available. "what is the percent change in tron in last one day?", eg. one day, one hour & one week. "when was this data last updated?"
You can also use Crypto Flash to calculate how much cryptocurrencies you can buy for a given amount of currency! You can try, "how much cardano can I get with a thousand euros?", "for ten thousand indian rupees how much ripple can I get?", "how many dogecoin can I buy for hundred US dollars?"
Also interested in ICO's or Initial Coin Offerings? We got you covered! You can learn about the current ICO's which are live, as well as the past and the upcoming ICO's with the help of Crypto Flash. Crypto Flash will tell you the name & a short description of the ICO as well as its start and end date.
"what are some current ICO's in the market?", "tell me about some upcoming ICO's", "what are some finished ICO's"
When you're done interacting with Crypto Flash about your favorite Cryptocurrencies & ICOs, you can leave us your questions, comments, or feedback in the reviews! We'd love to hear from you!
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Complete List of Echo/ Alexa 'skills'....

I was googling a Echo skills list and came across this thread. I am new to Reddit and this is my 1st post ever . I went thru the skills list on the Echo app, it is now 31 pages long.
Most of the skills are still crap, a few are small audience. Anyway, here is the complete list of skills as compiled by me from the Echo app over the last day or 3:
(it was a PIA getting this list formatted to Reddit rules and it has to be split into 2 posts. Hope it works out right....)
Amazon Alexa Skills An Alphabetical Listing
1-2-3 Math
Alexa, Open one two three
Tests your elementary mathematics topics like after, before, between; greater or lesser, more or less, addition, subtraction etc.
1-Minute Mindfulness
Alexa, Ask Mindfulness for a minute meditation
allows you to take a break from the world around you & enter into a one minute sound meditation.
21 Dayz
Alexa, start 21 Dayz
As the saying goes, it takes at least 21 days to build a habit. Use 21 Dayz to help guide you in your journey to developing new business or personal habits.
Alexa, Ask For A Fart
Have all the fun of a fart without any of the smell.
7-Minute Workout
Alexa, start seven minute workout
Are you ready to lead a happier, healthier life? Get your heart moving and reduce stress in only seven minutes a day.
Alexa, ask 7 Sigma for my update
Get concise updates on all elements of your operation and infrastructure based on combined data from multiple sources.
Alexa start Akinator
Abra is a character-guessing game. Think of a character, real or fictional, and Abra will ask you questions and figure out who it is.
Alexa, start AccuWeather
Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting with AccuWeather – Weather for Life. Ask for weather alerts, sunrise, sunset, moonset, moonrise & moon phases
Acoustic Metronome
Alexa, open metronome
Having trouble keeping the beat? TsaTsaTzu can help you keep your groove with a nice acoustical drum beat to help you keep time.
Alexa, tell my admirer to make me smile
Make your day better with a compliment
Alexa, open adventure and play dave of doom
The Adventure skill enables you to interact with stories and change their ending.
Age Calculator
Alexa, ask Age Calculator, how old is someone born on [June 12, 2015]?
The Age Calculator helps calculate age between a given date and now.
Agog Reader * Alexa, ask Agog Reader for [Barack Obama]*
Listen to Tweets
Amazing Word Master Game
Alexa, ask Word Master to play a game
interactive way to learn and challenge yourself with words, while having fun with competing scores. Score higher to win.
Angry Bard
Alexa, ask Angry Bard for a burn
Have at you, knave! The Angry Bard skill is ready to throw barbs from the Bard anytime you like.
Animal Game
Alexa, start Animal Game
Play guess-an-animal game with Alexa. Think of an animal and Alexa will guess it by asking questions.
Animal Sounds
Alexa, ask Animal Sounds what noise a lion says.
Alexa is learning a few new languages, animal languages that is. Ask Alexa to make the sounds your favorite animal makes.
AnyMote Smart Remote
Alexa, ask AnyMote to pause my Sonos
Turn your voice into a real universal remote. Alexa, tell AnyMote to power on my TV.
Alexa, ask AOL for the top headlines
AOL provides you the information that you need to know to stay informed and up to date covering these categories: news, sports, finance, entertainment
Apollo - God of Music
Alexa, ask Apollo to tell me a fact
Shares music related facts and lets you know who are the hottest artists of the week.
Alexa, use APRS and locate [kilo victor six mike dash seven]
Locate APRS stations
Area Code
Alexa, ask Area Code where is [eight six zero]
Area Code Lookup
Ask Daddy
Alexa, ask Daddy for a hug
provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by his child.
Ask Earthquakes
Alexa, Ask earthquakes what's shakin'
Recent earthquake information
Ask Grandmom
Alexa, ask Grandmom for candy
provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by her grandchild.
Ask My Buddy
Alexa, ask My Buddy to help me get started
provides an easy and immediate way to send a text message, Voice call, and an email alert message to any or all of your contacts.
Alexa, ask Trump how do you feel about [Rosie O'Donnel]
Ask Donald Trump a question
Alexa, ask Daily Prayers for prayer times in [Seattle]
Athan provides the Islamic Prayer Times in a given city.
Audio Goal
Alexa, ask Audio Goal for a goal
Celebrate a goal - or anything else - with a classic audio "GOOOOOL" sound.
Alexa, ask Automatic where my car is
Find out where your car is parked, how much gas you have left, or how far you've driven recently. This skill requires an Automatic adapter.
Aviation Weather Brief
Alexa, ask Aviation Weather what is the metar for [KSMO]
Aviation Weather METAR's & Flight Rules
Baby Names
Alexa, open Baby Names
Ask about the popularity of names in the US going back to 1880
BART Status
Alexa, open BART Status
Gets current BART service advisories
BART Times
Alexa, open BART Times
Provides the times of the next trains between your home and destination stations and gives live Service Advisories and Elevator status information.
Baseball Archive
Alexa, ask Baseball Archive about [Willie Mays]
Get information and statistics for any player in the history of Major League Baseball.
Basket Savings
Alexa, ask Basket if whole milk is on sale near [Des Moines, IA.]
Find local sale prices for your favorite grocery items.
Alexa, ask battery boot where to buy it?
Everything you need to know about the Battery Boot which is the best and only battery Boot for your Echo.
Bean Jar - family rewards system
Alexa, tell Bean Jar to add ten points to [Gryffindor]
Manage a family or group rewards system, keeps track of points like a virtual "bean jar" for motivation. See
Beat Cylinder
Alexa, launch Beat Cylinder
Alexa shows off her beat-boxing skills. Ask for a beat by name ("phat", "old school", "electronic", etc.) or "random".
Beat The Dealer
Alexa, ask the dealer to deal the cards
Beat the dealer in this game of Blackjack.
Beer Trivia
Alexa, launch Beer Trivia
Think you know beer? Crack open a cold one and test your beer and brewing knowledge with Beer Trivia
Best Picture Oscars The Last 30 Years
Alexa, start Best Picture Oscars
Best Picture Oscars for the last 30 years
BF Helper
Alexa, ask Basic Fantasy to roll a [Thief]
A companion Skill for Basic Fantasy RPG players.
Alexa, ask the Bible App to read [John3 verse16]
The Bible App for Alexa can read Bible verses and chapters to you in your favorite Bible version.
Big Game Ultimate Trivia Quiz
Alexa, start Big Game
It's the 50th anniversary of football's biggest game. Test your Big Game knowledge with the ultimate Big Game trivia quiz
Alexa, open Bingo
Alexa will call the numbers for you. Each number is repeated and sent to the Alexa app as well. Get a free Bingo card at
Alexa, open BioRhythm.
Calculate your natural biorhythm for today for entertainment purposes.
Bitcoin Price
Alexa, tell me the current Bitcoin price
Returns the current price of a Bitcoin in US dollars from
Bitcoin Price Checker
Alexa, open Bitcoin Price Checker
Check the Bitcoin exchange rate.
Bitcoin Rate
Alexa, open Bitcoin Rate
Provides the current value of 1BTC in your preferred base currency, along with useful Bitcoin market data.
Block World Trivia
Alexa ask Block World Trivia
Ask Alexa to help you show off your crafting skills by answering over 30 different multiple choice questions.
Booze Trivia
Alexa, launch Booze Trivia
Fun trivia about alcohol to impress your friends
Bubble Boy
Alexa, ask Bubble Boy to tell me a joke
The Bubble Boy skill tells a funny quote from the popular sitcom - Seinfeld.
Buddy for Destiny
Alexa, ask my ghost what's Xur selling
Provides useful information like Xur inventory and weekly activities to Destiny players.
Bulls and Cows game
Alexa, tell Bulls Cows to start a game
Bulls and Cows game as described here:
Alexa, ask calculator for [nine plus five]
Let your echo help you do the calculation, it is cool and you won't make mistake.
Call Sign
Alexa load Call Sign and find [november zero uniform sierra mike]
Look up Amateur (HAM) radio call sign information from the call sign database.
Campbell's Kitchen
Alexa, ask Campbell's Kitchen what's for dinner
Your kitchen just got a whole lot smarter. Make dinnertime easy with a daily Top-5 list of triple-tested recipes, selected for your tastes and time preferences.
Capital Quiz
Alexa, tell Capital Quiz to start practicing
Helps you practice and then quizzes you on the names of the capital cities of all 50 US states.
Cat Facts
Alexa, open Cat Facts
Tells you a fact about feline friends.
Cat Raiser
Alexa, ask cat raiser how is my cat
Raise your e-cat living in Alexa.
Alexa open cheer lights
Find out what color the World feels like right now.
Children's Bible Quiz
Alexa open Children's Bible Quiz
Simple Bible Quiz
Christmas Caroler
Alexa, tell Christmas Caroler to spread holiday cheer
Listen to Alexa and learn the lyrics to some yuletide favorites.
Code Phrase Generator
Alexa, ask for a code phrase
Generate a code phrase for your next top secret project.
Alexa, open combat and hit the dragon with my sword
Allows you to engage in any sort of conflict with entertaining results.
Alexa, open CompliBot
It wants nothing more than to make your day a little bit better.
Alexa, ask conductor to get status for the [7] train
Get information on your commute. So far supports NYC subway/LIRMetroNorth status (NYC bus coming soon).
Conversation Starter
Alexa, open Conversation Starter
Great way to get suggested conversation topics for you and your friends.
Alexa, ask Convrge, who's online
Find out who's online at in Convrge
Alexa, ask cook book how to [make a burger]
This skills allow users to find recipes - ingredients, cook steps, health info etc
Covisint Trivia
Alexa, launch Cove Trivia
Game that will test your knowledge about the Covisint company. Good luck.
Craft Helper
Alexa, ask Craft Helper what's the recipe for [a saddle]
Can't remember exactly how to craft an enchantment table or a dropper in Minecraft? Craft helper can give you the recipe fast.
Cricket Quiz
Alexa, launch cricket quiz
This is a trivia game for cricket game lovers.
Alexa, ask my crypto what is the price of bitcoin?
Get the current price of bitcoin right now. All you have to do is ask and the current exchange rate is announced.
Crystal Ball
Alexa, launch Crystal Ball
A fortune teller skill. Alexa prompts you to first focus on a yes/no question, and then say when you're ready to hear the answer.
Currency Converter
Alexa, ask Currency Converter to convert [twenty dollars to euros]
Alexa is able to convert 10 kind of currencies from the world and tell you the current currency exchange too. Ask Alexa to convert from one currency to another.
D.C. Tech Cal
Alexa ask D.C. Tech for news
Read the latest news and events from the Washington D.C. tech scene.
Daily Affirmation
Alexa, open Daily Affirmation
The Walking Affirmations Daily Affirmation skill provides a daily uplifting, positive thought for you to take throughout the day.
Daily Word
Alexa open Daily Word
Selects a new word for every day of the year.
DC Metro
Alexa, ask DC Metro for the next train arriving at [Columbia Heights]
Gives Washington DC Metro light rail train arrival and departure times, as well as maintenance or incident reports.
Demotivate Me
Alexa, open demotivate
Tired of everyone lying to you? This skill will tell you the truth.
Dice Bag
Alexa, tell Dice Bag to roll for me
Board game missing dice? Random encounter? Dice Bag will roll for you, complete with dice rolling sounds.
Dino Trivia
Alexa, open dino trivia
A humorous dinosaur trivia game. Echo asks questions and you answer by choosing 1,2,3,4. Dinosaur questions include real and silly answers.
Dog Facts
Alexa, tell me a dog fact
Get daily Dog Facts
Alexa Start Dogecoin
Get the spot price of DogeCoin, one of the top crypto-currencies worldwide
Domain Name Info
Alexa, launch domain name info
Locate different DNS record information for a given domain name
Domino's Pizza
Alexa, open Domino’s
Place your Domino's Easy Order or your most recent order. You can also ask for Domino’s Tracker® updates to find out the current status of your order.
Alexa, ask Drink Boy what is the recipe for [a sidecar]
Provides recipes for over 200 popular cocktails.
Drive Time
Alexa, launch Drive Time
Drive Time gets you the travel time to your destinations.
Drop Some Knowledge
Alexa, ask drop some knowledge to tell me about [Abraham Lincoln]
Uses the Google Knowledge Graph API to drop some knowledge about anyone / anything.
Edgar Facts
Alexa, tell me an Edgar fact
Edgar Facts is for anyone who loves Edgar the dog and can't get enough of that adorable bugg. Brighten your day with fun facts about Edgar
EGR Lunch Bot
Alexa, ask lunch bot what's for lunch today
Hot lunch for East Grand Rapids Public Schools (all elementary schools).
Elf Trivia
Alexa, open 'Elf Trivia'
Love the holidays? Elf Trivia is a fun, light-hearted multiple choice game for 1 player.
Alexa, start Eliza
Is something on your mind? Ask ELIZA (pronounced "ih-L-AY-z-uh") to talk to you for a psychotherapy session.
ELLE Horoscopes
Alexa, ask Horoscope what is the horoscope for [Gemini]
Get every sign's horoscope for today. Find out if the moon's position presents any new opportunities
Email Assistant
Alexa, open Email Assistant
Alexa + Email = the only assistant you can ask about upcoming travel from mail. Coming soon ask where your Amazon package is and much more is on the way
Esports Ticker
Alexa, ask Esports Ticker for live matches
Get recent matches, upcoming matches, and live matches in the world of esports.
Essential Trivia
Alexa, open Essential Trivia
Essential Trivia
Event Guide
Alexa, ask Event Guide what's going on today in [city name]
Get event listings from
Famous Quotes
Alexa, ask Famous Quotes to tell me quote
Simple skill that reads you famous quotes from history and movies.
Fantasy Football
Alexa, ask Fantasy Football Nerd for headlines
Retrieve fantasy football news and player updates on the Top 300 players directly from Fantasy Football Nerd.
Fidelity Investments
Alexa, Ask Fidelity to get a quote for [Amazon]
Ask Fidelity Quote Lookup and Market Update
Five Card Draw
Alexa, start five card draw
play classic Five Card Draw card game
Alexa, Ask Flight Search
Search DOMESTIC U.S. flights for lowest price, one way or round trip. Say "Ask Flight Search". Top 5 flights sent to your Alexa app.
Focus Word
Alexa, open Focus Word
Focus Word provides an inspirational word and statement about the word to serve as a point of focus for meditation or for the day.
Football Trivia
Alexa, open Football Trivia
Trivia game asking questions that pertain to professional American Football.
For The Loft Cinema
Alexa, Ask Loft Cinema What is playing now
Allows users to inquire about movies playing at the Loft Cinema (in Tucson, Arizona) for today or the upcoming days.
Alexa, open fortune
Read a random, hopefully interesting, adage.
Fortune Cookie
Alexa, open Fortune Cookie
Get a fortune cookie, read to you and receive your own Mega Millions or Powerball numbers.
Founding Father Quotes
Alexa, ask founding fathers for a quote
Get quotes from our Founding Fathers, the political philosophers who inspired them, and their modern successors.
FreeBusy Scheduling Buddy
Alexa, ask FreeBusy to see if Paula is free [Tuesday]
Easiest way to share availability across calendars and coordinate meetings (for free). Check when you own contacts are available
Freedom Quotes
Alexa, ask freedom quotes for a quote
Get freedom-themed quotes
Game Dice
Alexa, ask game dice to roll [three ten siders]
Use Game Dice to have Alexa roll dice of various sizes for you.
Alexa, tell Garageio to close my door
Garageio is the simple and secure way to control and monitor your
garage door from anywhere in the world, all without needing to replace your existing opener.
Geek Games
Alexa launch geek games
Geek games is trivia skill to test your knowledge of random geeky facts of the Eighties and beyond
Geek Trivia
Alexa, ask a geek
Asks you 5 trivia questions per game. It’s a fun way to test your geek knowledge of a famous movie or TV show.
GLaDOS Quotes
Alexa, ask Glados to tell me something
Get quotes GLaDOS from Valve's Portal.
Alexa, ask Glympse where is [Sylvia]?
Allows family and friends to temporarily share their live location and ETA with each other. Just ask Alexa for a friend's location to get started.
Gold Bug
Alexa, ask Gold Bug what's the price of [gold/silveoil]
Get the latest closing day prices for gold, silver and oil with Gold Bug
Gridiron Trivia
Alexa, launch Gridiron Trivia
Test your knowledge of the Gridiron's winners and MVPs.
Guess The Number
Alexa, launch Guess The Number
See how many tries it takes you to guess a random number between 1 and 100. Alexa will tell you to guess higher or lower until you get it.
Guide for ARK
Alexa, open ARK Guide
Guide for ARK
Guitar Tuner
Alexa, ask Guitar Tuner to tune my guitar
Use Guitar Tuner to tune your guitar.
Hacker News
Alexa, open Hacker News
Read Hacker News headlines.
Hacker News Stories
Alexa, ask hacker news for top stories
Stay up to date with the latest stories about technology, business,
and entrepreneurship.
Hacking History Trivia
Alexa, start Hacking History
Hacking History Trivia challenges you with fun and interesting questions about the history of computing and hacking
Alexa, ask Haiku for a poem
Haiku poem generator.
Alexa, ask Hanker what I should do in [New York] tonight
Hanker is your go to local event guide for all that's happening in your city. From the arts, to parties, to date night and more, Hanker has everything you need.
Happy Birthday
Alexa, launch Happy Birthday
Alexa sings (raps?) Happy Birthday. Tell your Echo the name of the lucky birthday girl or boy and Alexa does the rest. A variety of surprising song variations.
Alexa, ask Hawk Bus about [7252]
Get the time until the next bus arrives at a specified bus stop in the Iowa City area.
Alexa, ask Hebcal when is [Passover]?
Jewish holidays, Hebrew date converter, Shabbat candle-lighting times, weekly Torah portion, and Omer counter.
Hey Dad - Dad Jokes
Alexa, open Hey Dad and tell me a joke
Tell me a dad joke
High Low Guessing Game
Alexa, open High Low
This is the number guessing game of “higher or lower.” In this game, Alexa chooses a number and you try to guess it or you can play the other way around.
HomeSeer Home Automation Skill
Alexa, tell HomeSeer to turn on the kitchen light
Allows HomeSeer home automation system users to control and monitor status of their devices and to launch their automation events using the Amazon Echo
House Band
Alexa, launch house band
House Band allows you to access your JRiver Media Center music server. You can play your music, search your library, and create Play Doctor playlists.
Alexa, ask HuffPost for headlines
Get headlines from The Huffington Post
Impossibly Hard Major League Baseball Quiz
Alexa, launch Impossible Baseball Quiz
You should not take this baseball quiz. It may be the hardest baseball quiz in history. If it's not, it's still really, really hard
Alexa, ask Indian Guy to tell me an Indian fact
This skill tell you interesting facts about India which most people don't know.
Innkeeper Emotes for Hearthstone
Alexa, ask the innkeeper to say hello to the mage
Welcome to my inn. You can talk to your favorite Hearthstone heroes, and they'll emote back.
Alexa, open InsultiBot
InsultiBot is so tired of talking to you. All it wants is for you to leave it alone. Is that too much to ask?
Alexa, ask Iris to holler at [John]
Say the command, “Alexa, ask Iris to holler at [name of recipient]” and Iris will send a pre-composed e-mail, asking the recipient to holler back.
Alexa, open izzy
ISY skill allows you to control your home using an ISY home-automation controller.
ITIL Foundation Quiz
Alexa, open I till Foundation Quiz
Sharpen your ITIL Foundation knowledge or supplement your certification preparation with the assistance of this practice quiz.
JavaScript Quiz
Alexa, Launch JavaScript Quiz
JavaScript Quiz tests you knowledge of the most popular development language.
Jazz Trivia
Alexa, start Jazz Trivia
Test your knowledge of jazz music.
Jeopardy! J6
Alexa, Play Jeopardy
Every Jeopardy! category has an “extra” clue written. Play these clues in the J6 game on Echo.
Jokes++: Computer Science Jokes
Alexa, ask Jokes Plus Plus for a computer science joke
An expansion of Alexa's cheesy jokes for all you CS majors out there.
Alexa, ask Kasa to turn the lights on
Kasa is a simple way to manage your home from anywhere.
Alexa, ask KCRW what's playing
Gives you the current program or track playing on KCRW radio.
Knock Knock Jokes
Alexa, ask knock knock
Knock, knock! Who's there? The best collection of knock-knock jokes
for the Amazon Echo you could imagine.
L Train
Alexa, ask the L Train when it's coming?
When the next train is coming to your NYC MTA L train stop, and listen to the current L train status.
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ELI5 – How does the PBOC devaluing the Chinese Yuan affect Bitcoin price in USD?

With China devaluing the yuan for the 2nd day in a row, and all other things being equal, how does a devalued yuan affect the price of Bitcoin in US dollars? Add to that, that 80% of all bitcoin is exchanged for yuan. (let’s face it, US Bitcoin ownership pales to China). Does a strengthening dollar (20%) dollar against a weakening yuan (80%) mean the bitcoin price in US Dollars will increase, or decrease?
EDIT: Clarification... I guess my question wasn't clear enough. I'm looking for what the value of bitcoin would be if China (let's say) devalued the yuan 50% over night. Not what that devaluation would cause the people to do, and thereby change the BTC/USD value, but I'm looking for what the value would do all other things being equal.
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How Much Is 1 Bitcoin Worth? What Is One BTC Worth? - YouTube HeavytraderZ: Bitcoin - Kursziel 90.000 US-Dollar? Me Earning $1 Dollar in Bitcoin Super Fast and Easy! - YouTube Bitcoin To Us Dollar - YouTube Bitcoin Money: How to Convert Bitcoins to Dollars - Part 1

Der Kryptowährung Bitcoin geht es trotz Corona außerordentlich gut: Gerade stieg ihr Wert auf 12.000 US-Dollar – und damit nicht genug! BTC USD: Hier finden Sie den aktuellen Wechselkurs von Bitcoin BTC und US-Dollar USD mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten BTC 10 USD 129,80 k BTC 50 USD 648,99 k Der Währungsrechner bietet eine sekundenschnelle Währungsumrechnung von Bitcoin in US-Dollar. Urlauber in Krypto können hier Umrechnungen zu ... BTC/USD: Aktueller Bitcoin - US-Dollar Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs BTC in USD. 1 Bitcoin = 13110.40 US Dollar: 2 Bitcoin = 26220.80 US Dollar: 3 Bitcoin = 39331.20 US Dollar: 5 Bitcoin = 65552.00 US Dollar: 10 Bitcoin = 131104 US Dollar: 20 Bitcoin = 262208 US Dollar: 50 Bitcoin = 655520 US Dollar: 100 Bitcoin = 1311040 US Dollar: 1000 Bitcoin = 13110400 US Dollar: 1000 BTC to CHF . CHF . Swiss Franc . 11847400 . 1000 BTC to EUR . EUR . Eurozone Euro . 11035600 . 1000 ...

[index] [3275] [46486] [38407] [24031] [26237] [39438] [23739] [2550] [15982] [33246]

How Much Is 1 Bitcoin Worth? What Is One BTC Worth? - YouTube

Different video style, may be doing stuff like this occasionally enjoy it pls Sign Up Now : ETHTRADE Get up to 25% of your passive income every month due to ETH (ethereum) Bitcoin and Dollar trading on the ... Is a $1 Million Bitcoin Possible? Let's make the case. Follow us on Twitter: Links and Articles: The Case for the $1 Million Dollar ... Der Bitcoin hat im noch jungen Jahr 2020 bisher eine starke Performance hingelegt. Mittlerweile hat die Kryptowährung die Marke von 9.000 US-Dollar im Blick. Samir Boyardan von HeavytraderZ hält ... How Much Is 1 Bitcoin Worth? In this video, we'll answer the question, "what is 1 Bitcoin worth?" and show some easy ways you can use to determine Bitcoin's ...